Friday, October 4, 2013

Bob Castellini blames Dusty Baker for team's lackadaisical approach

The news of Dusty Baker's firing was received with mixed emotions among Reds fans. While most agreed that a change needed to be made, some celebrated Baker's demise with joyous celebration, others with great sadness, and a few with cautious optimism.

Aside from everything else, one reason for Baker's firing probably had something to do with his perceived inability to motivate and inspire his players. The nonchalant attitude among his players was especially prevalent over the last week of the season, which had fans and national writers alike taking notice, and connecting Cincinnati's laid back attitude on the diamond directly to the personality of its manager.

Judging by these comments general manager Walt Jocketty made to the Cincinnati Enquirer, he wasn't oblivious to this observation, either.

"If you were around,'' Jocketty said. "You kind of saw that it didn't look like players were responding. We felt a new direction, a new voice might be necessary.

"It was a tough decision. We appreciate and respect what Dusty did the six years he was here. But we just felt that the way things went toward end, that it was evident we needed to make a change and try improve on the performance for next year.'' 

Owner Bob Castellini echoed Jocketty's sentiments, as well.

"It really was a tough decision," Castellini told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I had a good relationship with Dusty. He's a hell of a guy, a real renaissance man. But it wasn't working with this particular team, at this particular minute. You've got to make a change.

"Did you see the team playing with great passion, vigor and confidence? And as a team? I don't think that anyone can say that positively. I think it was apparent that they were not playing up to their potential."


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