Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Notable quotes from Price regarding his managerial philosophy

Here are some notable quotes from Bryan Price regarding his managerial philosophy:

+ On hitting philosophy: "More than anything, it's strike zone command. It's understanding what a good pitch looks like and being able to put a good pass on it and put ball on the barrel with frequency. I don't know if that's a philosophy. That's trying to get back to the fundamentals of baseball."

+ On being a fiery manager: "Things like this are probably the most uncomfortable -- talking about yourself. What type of person you are, what type of personality you are. You might be better served asking guys who have pitched for me in the past. My parents taught me to be honest and direct and to be forthright and to treat others as I wanted to be treated. That's what you guys will get from me. However, there are times on the field when that is not going to be the status quo, where guys need a shove every now and again -- I don't mean that physically -- and I've done that. It's never been part of my coaching that has limited my ability to challenge people. I can't tell you what I'm all about. You guys can figure it out on your own."

+ On using sabermetrics: "I got a chance to watch a lot of good managers. You have to use statistical analysis to understand certain themes and certain percentages. It's a growing part of game. In the same respect you have to understand your team and the guys that you're using in those situations. Is it something they can do well? I'll say this of all the things I don't like doing and didn't like doing is a lot of situational pitchers, matchup guys, I never really enjoyed the matchup game with relief pitchers."

+ On team expectations: "It's a team that's capable of doing even more. I think we certainly should talk very optimistically about the three playoff appearances in the last four years, which were maybe somewhat discredited because we hadn't gotten past the first round. Considering the 15 years prior, it was definitely a huge step in the right direction," Price added. "But we all have expectations of getting beyond that."

+ On building relationships: "I like people, as a general rule. I meet somebody, you guys for example, it's good from the moment we meet. If you do something that is below board, it may change my opinion, it may change our relationship," Price said. "That's how I am with everybody, always starting on a good foundation of trust and then someone has to prove they're no longer trustworthy. That's the same with the players. I like people. Very few people have given me reason not to like them."

All in all, people who watched and listened to Price speak at his press conference on Tuesday came away very impressed. And rightfully so. There is certainly a lot to like here.

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