Thursday, October 17, 2013

Photo: Teddy Kremer honored by Topps with own baseball card

2013 Topps Update Series Variations US268 Teddy Kremer 260x185 Image

The most beloved bat boy in Cincinnati Reds history now has his own baseball card.

In what is sure to be the hottest item around Reds country since the last Joey Votto bobblehead giveaway, this 2013 Topps Update Series card features the 30-year-old Kremer embracing with outgoing skipper Dusty Baker.

For those who may not know Teddy's amazing story, he got a chance to work as bat boy for the team he loves when his parents won a charity auction, in 2012. His enthusiasm and vigor for the game immediately made him an instant celebrity around Cincinnati.

Earlier this year, on Opening Day, Teddy helped lead the parade through the streets of Cincinnati, and made his grand return as bat boy a short time later, and then again in the summer.

Now, Teddy works in a customer service role for the Reds, and is living a life beyond his wildest dreams.

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