Friday, October 4, 2013

Reds die nasty in postseason

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

So this is what the end of a dynasty feels like. I remember that October evening in 1975 when the Oakland A’s dynasty was swept aside at the hands of the Boston Red Sox. It was very similar to the Reds demise on Tuesday night. Being less than a month from age fifty, things don’t seem to bother me as much as they used to. Take the Reds season ending without a whimper in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night. Stuff like that happens, the Reds lost to a better team. To quote Pedro Martinez “Tip your hat to them and call them your Daddy.” As an adult you learn that there are more important things in life that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis. When the final out was recorded, I never shed a tear, unlike the bawling mass of flesh I was last year. So you see I’m a big guy now, my mother would be so proud. As Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy proudly proclaimed a few season ago “I’m A MAN!”

Before fingers get pointed, and blame is placed remember one very important issue. The Reds brought this on themselves. Brandon Phillips was right, the Reds choked, gagged, lumped, and any other adjective that describes “we blew it”. Winning only one game in arguably the most important home stand of the season earned the Reds a ticket to P.N.C. Park to play a postseason game in front of quite possible the most blood thirsty crowd since the Romans tossed Christians to the lions back in the first century. I read where Dallas Latos, Mat’s wife, was assaulted on Tuesday night by Pittsburgh fans. As hostile as that crowd was, Mrs. Latos ought to be thankful they didn’t make her “walk the plank” off the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

Speaking of fans, Ryan Ludwick, is that the way we Reds fans should act during every game at Great American Ballpark? If you want to see that kind of passion from the fans, play with passion yourself, some call it swagger, don’t end the season on a losing streak, and don’t lose to teams you should have beaten with ease like the Mets, Cubs and Brewers. As promising the postseason looked after winning two of three in Pittsburgh, reality set in last Tuesday night. The truth hurts, period. This Cincinnati team may have been grossly over rated and we Reds fans drank the Kool-Aid.

It is what it is, and there’s no changing it. The 2013 season is over and Opening Day is six months away. The late A. Bartlett Giamotti beautifully wrote that baseball breaks your heart; it is designed to break your heart. “The game begins in the spring when everything else begins, and it blossoms in the summer filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone.”

It’s going to be a lonely fall and long winter.

Dan Howard

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