Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Report: Reds willing to listen to trade offers for Brandon Phillips this offseason

With the MLB postseason in full swing, there isn't much to report out of Reds camp. The managerial search seems to be moving in a snail-like pace, and most of the sports talk in Cincinnati has been revolving around the Bengals.

But there has been at least one interesting development this week. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Reds are likely out of the fold in acquiring Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero. The club was thought to be in the mix after Guerrero's multi-year deal worth $32 million with the Dodgers fell through in July.

So, what does this all mean, you ask? Well, according to John Fay, Cincinnati's mere interest in Guerrero could be a strong indication that the Reds may be looking to trade All-Star second basemen Brandon Phillips this offseason.

Although Guerrero's primary position is shortstop, most scouts project him to play second base at the major league level, and as Fay wisely points out, the Reds aren't going to pay $4.5 million a year for a backup.

On the other hand, Fay also admits that the Reds could have simply backed off Guerrero once their scouts determined he couldn't play shortstop, which means the Reds might have been looking to replace Zack Cozart, instead.

However, Phillips seems to be the more logical answer, as he may have rubbed some people within the organization the wrong way this season, after making some disparaging comments to Cincinnati Magazine about owner Bob Castellini, as well as berating beat reporter C. Trent Rosecrans on camera.

Given his increasing age, lower productivity, and money left on his contract (owed $50 million over next four years), the Reds may be seriously pursuing a cheaper option at second base, which means Phillips could be on the move this winter.

Fay lists the Dodgers and Yankees as two clubs who would have the ability to take on his contract.

For what it's worth, I don't doubt the fact the Reds are willing to listen to offers for their Gold Glove winner, but I think the odds of the club actually pulling the trigger on a deal is less likely than not.


Anonymous said...

reds would be stupid to get trade BP IF ITS TO FREE UP SOME MONEY LOOK AT VOTTO

Anonymous said...

hey I would not trade votto and bp mouth got this started so don't there on votto

ByeByeBrandon said...

Phillips is selfish & disruptive. He is NOT a team player. As far has everyone screaming about his 103 R.B.I., most above-average ballplayers could knock in 100+ with Choo & Bottom on base all the time. We have other players capable of playing second base... not to mention one could be picked up in the trade. Phillips only mustered a .260 average & many errors were negated by the official scorer. He didn't get the Gold Glove last year, nor will he get it this year. He's not worthy... He's just a showoff!!!!

Anonymous said...

o boy here we go trade BP what

Izsak said...

Personally, BP is my favorite player, I love the energy he plays the game with and his glove work. No one else in the game has a better glove in the infield. He rubbed the organization the wrong way with his comments this season and the Reds are in yard sale mode now and everyone is in jeopardy. BP will not be a Red next season and getting prospects won't help the "win now" mentality of the franchise. Look for BP to be traded for a replacement and a prospect or a back up bench player. Braves, O's, and the Yankees all make sense. Yanks have the money, O's might need a second baseman if the don't resign Brian Roberts. ATL is where I think he will end up, being his home town.