Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nobody threw more 100 mph pitches in 2013 than Aroldis Chapman

No pitcher on the planet threw more pitches registering triple digits on the radar gun in 2013 than southpaw Aroldis Chapman.

Despite being relegated to just 63.2 innings of work, the Reds flamethrower managed to unleash an astronomical 318 pitches clocked at 100 mph or more last season. That total is more than double the amount of 100-plus mph pitches the runner-up pitcher threw (Kelvin Herrera - 153).

Aside from throwing the most numerous amount of blazing fastballs, Chapman also recorded the 11 fastest individual pitches of the regular season, which only seems appropriate. The fastest was thrown during a game in Atlanta that whistled in at a sizzling 104.81 mph.

To check out the rest of the top 10, visit this post by Dayn Perry.

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