Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reds split nearly $1 million from Wild Card game

The Reds were eliminated from the 2013 postseason after playing just one game. However, they didn't go home for the offseason empty handed.

In short, it pays to be in the playoffs, guys.

On Thursday, Major League Baseball revealed its playoff shares for every team who participated in this year's postseason, and it should be noted that the Reds collectively netted $940,259.50, according to Mark Sheldon of

Valued at $15,284.85 per full share, the Reds awarded a total of 48 full shares, including 12.24 partial shares and 12 cash awards.

By comparison, the World Series champion Red Sox earned $307,322.68 per full share, while a full share for the National League champion Cardinals was worth $228,300.17.

Overall, the league distributed a whopping $62,683,966.80 among the 10 postseason teams.

The full money pool was formed by 50 percent of the gate from the Wild Card Games, 60 percent of the gate from the first three games of the Division Series, 60 percent of the gate from the first four games of the League Championship Series and 60 percent of the gate from the first four games of the World Series.

As you can see, not only do players want to win a World Series for the sake of their careers, but they also want a championship because it pays to win.

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