Saturday, November 9, 2013

Report: Shin-Soo Choo seeks deal in excess of Jayson Werth's $126 million contract

The price of Shin-Soo Choo's services will be a small fortune to pay for whoever decides to sign the free agent outfielder this offseason.

Although different reports have suggested different figures, ESPN's Jerry Crasnick has reported that the Scott Boras client is allegedly seeking a contract exceeding the one Jayson Werth received from the Washington Nationals in 2011, which amounts to $126 million over seven years.

The scary fact is that Choo could very well land such a lucrative deal. If so, it's a foregone conclusion that the contract won't come from the Reds, who can only dream of doling out massive amounts of guaranteed money at this point, especially with all of the dough they are currently on the hook for with Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips in the future.

Choo picked an excellent time to record the best offensive season of his career. He has become one of the most sought after commodities in free agency, due partly because the market for corner outfielders this winter is extremely thin, and because one look at his on-base percentage is enough to make general managers drool. Plus, the influx of revenue teams are reeling in thanks to new TV deals doesn't hurt, either.

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