Monday, November 18, 2013

Video: Pete Rose joins Keith Olbermann to discuss current state of baseball

In case you missed it, Pete Rose appeared on the air with Keith Olbermann a couple of weeks ago to talk about everything from his Hall of Fame chances, the most recent World Series, performance-enhancing drugs, and home plate collisions. It's actually a pretty good interview and one that will cost you just six minutes of your viewing time.

It's also worth noting that Olbermann now supports the idea of Rose being reinstated to baseball after previously believing that the Cincinnati native should be shunned forever. For what it is worth, count me as one who wants to see Rose back in Major League Baseball, too.

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Dale Pearl said...

The message is spot on. Keeping Pete Rose banned while allowing steroid users chance after change just goes to show that the business side of MLB has no clue on how to add value to their product. Pete is good for baseball, clearly the man knows the game better than just about anyone out there. Whoever Pete hurt is in the past and he certainly didn't cost others a career in baseball. The same can't be said about PED users.