Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Aroldis Chapman's 'four-seam fastball' used to create 'perfect relief pitcher'

Is there any reliever who possess a better four-seam fastball than Aroldis Chapman?

No, not according to Dayn Perry of CBS Sports, who recently pillaged the attributes of some of baseball's best relievers in order to build the "perfect relief pitcher." Obviously, Perry thought highly enough of Chapman's four-seam fastball that he decided to use it as part of the fictional player formula.

From Perry:

There's little debate here. Chapman, as previously noted in this space, logged the most triple-digit fastballs of 2013, and he did so by a cavernous margin.

To put a finer point on it, Chapman's heater in 2013 averaged 98.99 miles per hour, and over the course of his career opposing hitters have managed to put that fastball in play just 11.3 percent of the time.

If you are curious, the perfect relief pitcher was also comprised of Sergio Romo's slider, Craig Kimbrel's slurve, and Trevor Rosenthal's changeup, among others.

Via Eye on Baseball

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