Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bowden says that the Reds need to re-sign Bronson Arroyo

Could the stars align and bring Arroyo back to Cincy?
I hate to agree with Jim Bowden ever, but I do agree with him in this case. This morning Bowden posted a list of 10 moves that still need to be made this baseball offseason and his number ten move is for the Reds to re-sign Bronson Arroyo.

Arroyo has received plenty of interest from teams this offseason and rightly so. Every team could use a solid veteran starting pitcher who eats innings, however no team has been willing to commit to the time or money that it will take to signing Arroyo. This could play right into the Reds hands if everything falls into place, as Bowden explains.

You've got to have ESPN Insider powers to read the full article, but I'll give you the highlights:

"Therefore, he might just fall back into the lap of the Reds, who would be smart to ink him to a two-year deal.

His veteran leadership, quality innings and ability to pitch at Great American Ball Park would put the Reds at ease." 

Actually that's really about the only highlight, but it makes sense.

Last year, the Reds starting rotation was as strong as any when it was healthy. Despite what the starters did in 2012, odds are that no rotation is going to stay completely healthy for a full season. Without Arroyo, the Reds rotation stands to be Mat Latos, Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey, Mike Leake, and Tony Cingrani without much depth in case of injury. If one of those guys goes down in 2014, it will be slim pickens as far as options to replace him and if lost for the whole season, 2014 could be a long one. Bringing Arroyo back into the fold would as Bowden worded it, "put the Reds at ease" and there's no question about it.

He's not always the best pitcher on the mound, but he's always on the mound, having never missed a major league start, and overall he puts on a pretty good performance when all is said and done. He will have a stinker every once in a while, but no pitcher can be expected to win every time out.

Great pitching is what has gotten the Reds to where they are and spending a little money to retain one of their main men could serve them well. The Reds do have some competition from the Twins and two mystery teams as many media outlets have put it. Hopefully, as the market dwindles for Arroyo, he'll be inclined to give the Reds a little hometown discount and sign up to come back to the Queen City.

Arroyo's veteran experience and leadership could be much needed for a pitching staff that is losing one of its most trusted advisors in Catcher Ryan Hanigan who was dealt the to the Tampa Bay Rays earlier this offseason.

I for one am in favor of re-signing Arroyo and I hope everything lines up for him to return. Do you agree?


Scott Shrewsberry said...

I would love for Arroyo to re-sign with the Reds. Like you mentioned in the article, he usually has a couple of completely hideous outings, but for the most part I feel comfortable with him on the mound.

TN Red Fan said...

Ditto... The Reds need a solid veteran to anchor the pitching staff

Anonymous said...

yes bring broson back he is a great teammate

Douglas Edwards said...

I agree they should resign him. Only if the price is right.They need to fill in other positions first like third base,left field.