Thursday, December 12, 2013

Could the Houston Astros end up signing Shin-Soo Choo?

There has been no shortage of teams rumored to be interested in signing free agent Shin-Soo Choo this offseason. As it stands now, the market for one of baseball's top on-base machines has dwindled, leaving teams who previously weren't considered serious contenders with hope that they may have a chance at signing him.

One of those surprise suitors may be the cash-strapped Houston Astros. According to Bob Nightengale of the USA Today, one executive general manager told him that he expects the upstart Astros to land one of baseball's top prizes of the winter.

In short, the Astros have been historically bad over the past few seasons. The franchise has changed ownership, severely cut payroll, and endured a mighty amount of losing while becoming the floormat of Major League Baseball. However, it is only a matter of time before Houston gets tired of being the laughingstock of the league, and rises out of the ashes to reemerge as a winner.

One of the steps the Astros might take to get back to the promised land is by signing Choo. But in order to do so, owner Jim Crane is going to have to stretch the team's embarrassingly low payroll, well beyond the $26 million figure it shelled out a season ago. If they want to sign Choo, they will have to reach into their pocketbook and shell out a multi-year contract in excess of $100 million, which at this stage would probably make Choo better paid than 80 percent of Houston's current roster combined.

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