Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jim Bowden gives Reds an offseason grade of 'C-' thus far

The offseason is far from being over, obviously, but the Reds haven't exactly been overly productive. Sure, they have bolstered their bench quality and depth with free agents Skip Schumaker and Brayan Pena, but outside of that, Cincinnati has yet to address the most important issues they had entering the winter.

With that being said, former club general manager and current ESPN talking head Jim Bowden took the effort to assign grades to every team in Major League Baseball. And although I don't always agree with what Bowden has to say, because he seems to miss the mark on occasion, I do believe his assessment of Cincinnati's work through two months of the offseason is fair.

Cincinnati Reds -- Grade: C-
The Reds are still in discussions with their own free agents, Shin-Soo Choo and Bronson Arroyo, and they have talked about various Brandon Phillips trade scenarios. They did pick up some depth by adding lefty David Holmberg, but for a team that seems so close to being a World Series contender, they haven't done anything to improve significantly.

Again, the offseason is far from over, and the Reds could change the productivity of the offseason in literally a couple of days, but as it stands now they have not improved the roster from last year, at least not on paper.

On a more positive note, Bowden's C- grade for the Reds actually ranks second-best in the division, ahead of the Cubs, Brewers, and Pirates, which all received "D" grades from Bowden. Meanwhile, the Cardinals received an A after what has already been a really busy offseason for St. Louis. 

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