Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ken Rosenthal: Brandon Phillips back on the trading block

In speculation that should surprise no one, Brandon Phillips is apparently back on the trading block, according to sources cited by Ken Rosenthal of

It should be noted that Rosenthal has flipped back-and-forth in the tiresome saga known as the Phillips trade dilemma. In mid-November, Rosenthal called Phillips "a goner," but contradicted that report with another report last week that suggested the Reds were no longer likely to trade their second basemen. Of course, most level-headed fans saw that as more of an attempt by the club to smooth things over with Phillips before Redsfest than anything. And if Rosenthal's sources are correct, this is precisely what happened.

In fairness, Rosenthal is simply passing along what he has heard. And if you really look at the content of his message, it is very ambiguous, as most cautious and wise reporters' are. To say the Reds are open to trading Phillips if it helps the team win in 2014 is not an earth-shattering revelation. The same can be said for any player on the roster. Yes, even Joey Votto, assuming there was a team willing to trade more than his worth in exchange, which would ultimately put the Reds in a better position to succeed.

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David Guarnieri said...

Awaiting Brian Cashman's call. It has gone full circle this week, with Reds' trying to inflate Phillips' value. Who can blame them? Now, it appears Phillips will indeed be the man to replace Robinson Cano.