Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Report: Reds now unlikely to trade Brandon Phillips

The back-and-forth trade rumors surrounding Brandon Phillips continue.

On Tuesday, Jim Bowden of ESPN.com and SiriusXM cited a source saying Phillips would be dealt by the end of next week. However, by Tuesday evening, Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com reported that the team is "unlikely" to trade the veteran second basemen. Like Bowden, Rosenthal also claims to have a source.
Here is a snippet of what Rosenthal reported:

The Reds discussed Phillips with the New York Yankees earlier in the offseason, and later received inquiries from teams on his 10-team no-trade list. None of those discussions was serious, sources said.
A trade still is possible if a team makes a substantial offer, but the Reds are not actively shopping Phillips, sources said. Clubs in need of second basemen also can consider free agents such as Robinson Cano and Omar Infante.
It goes without saying, but obviously Rosenthal and Bowden have different sources, which has amounted to two totally different stories. So, it leaves us to wonder which report is most accurate.

Rosenthal is usually pretty trustworthy when it comes to breaking news and rumors. But even the best reporters are wrong from time to time.

Meanwhile, Bowden spent over a decade in Cincinnati as general manager, so it's safe to say he still may have a feel for what's going in the front office.

With that being said, Bowden also incorrectly reported that the Reds had not extended an invitation to its annual Redsfest event, when in actuality the team has. Bowden eventually corrected himself hours after the fact.
Of course, it should also be noted that Rosenthal referred to Phillips as "a goner" as recently as three weeks ago.

So, it appears the only people who really know whether a trade is trying to be made or not are those in the Reds front office. I suppose we will just have to sit back and watch how it all plays out.


Scott Shrewsberry said...

You know, I usually stay pretty quiet about trade rumors and players, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that a lot of teams really don't want BP. Especially for that kind of money. I don't know if his attitude rubs teams the wrong way or what. Heck, it does me sometimes and I'm just a fan!!! I've gotten to the point that I don't care if he's on the team or not. If he's in Cincy... great. If he's not... so be it.

Jimmi Adair said...

Scott, I think your belief is a commonly held one. Although there is no denying Phillips can help a team win, the other factors such as his contract, perceived attitude, and age is probably what is driving other teams away (allegedly).