Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bronson Arroyo laments frustration of struggling to find job

It wasn't supposed to be this challenging for Bronson Arroyo. Sure, the right-hander is getting up there in age (37), but given his unparralled track record of durability and reliability, finding a team willing to give him the contract he wanted via free agency wasn't supposed to be too difficult.

Well, as fate would have it, landing such a deal has proven to be extremely elusive for Arroyo, and he vented his frustrations about the situation through a recent article written by ESPN's Jayson Stark.

There is tons of facts and information in the piece which supports the idea of signing Arroyo. But any one who has kept an eye on the Reds over the past decade has seen how valuable Arroyo can be. What really stuck out to me in Stark's article is some of the quotes. Specifically, the revelation by Arroyo that he has zero offers on the table right now.

Arroyo also expressed his discontent with the Yankees willingness to sign Masahiro Tanaka to a whopping contract without ever seeing him throw a pitch in the major leagues.

"I get [Clayton] Kershaw," Arroyo told "I get why he got all that money. But then you've got guys like Dice-K [Matsuzaka], who came over here and was good for the first couple years but then didn't pan out. And when he doesn't pan out, they all just forget and go on to the next guy who's not proven, and pay him.

"Meanwhile, they forget about guys like me, who have done the job for the last eight or 10 years, and treat them like they've never done anything in this game. That's hard, man."

It's really hard not to feel bad for the guy. After all, by most accounts, Arroyo was about as good as they come as a teammate, player, and person while in the Queen City. So, watching him struggle to receive a much-deserved contract is rough.

Nonetheless, the Florida native did admit that 12 different teams have contacted his agent at some point this winter, including the Reds. However, Arroyo remains unsigned, obviously, as do many veteran starting pitchers at the moment. The Angels, Dodgers, Mariners, and Twins have all been linked to Arroyo lately. But again who knows when a team will finally extend Arroyo a formal contract.

Despite the setbacks, Arroyo remains positive things will work out.

"I know, eventually, it'll get done," he said. "There are too many holes in too many rotations, and there aren't enough pitchers out there who can throw you 200 innings. So I'm just sitting here waiting for an offer."

I'm certainly hoping Arroyo gets the deal he wants.

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