Friday, January 10, 2014

CBS Sports writer slams Pete Rose supporters for 'selective morality'

A strong case can be made that no baseball player has ever been more polarizing than Pete Rose. Furthermore, it can also be argued that no baseball player has ever caused such a divide on popular opinion as Rose has. Namely, as it relates to his lifetime ban from Major League Baseball and exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

Plenty of people have cast support toward Rose over the years while others have continued to admonish him. One man who is clearly not a fan of the support Rose receives is Matt Snyder of CBS Sports

Apparently, the recent Hall of Fame announcement, which annually sparks discussion about Rose's absence, was enough to spur Snyder to write a scathing piece about Rose and "selective morality" his supporters use to justify his place in Cooperstown.

Here are just a few of the excerpts taken from Snyder's piece:

Where I start to have a serious problem, though, is the selective morality when it comes to supporting Rose while kicking and screaming about the PED era -- calling any suspected users, even those who haven't had any evidence presented against them, a bunch of immoral cheaters. Again, in the same breath as supporting Rose. It's sheer lunacy.

Pete Rose isn't in the Hall of Fame because he's banned from baseball for gambling on Reds games while a manager of the Reds. That was explicitly illegal at the time and he did it anyway, knowing such an offense carried a lifetime ban. And he still did it.


You see, players using steroids doesn't all of a sudden make Rose a saint. He was gambling on baseball -- and we might not even know the half of the extent to which he was doing so -- which is absolutely cheating the integrity of the game.

Honestly, Snyder makes some valid points in his piece. People are quick to chastise those suspected of using PEDs during the Steroid Era, but are quick to overlook Rose's monumental transgression. For what it's worth, Snyder also believes Rose should be in the Hall of Fame one day.

You can read Snyder's column in its full context by clicking here.

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