Monday, January 13, 2014

ESPN's Cameron opines on how "Reds can salvage lousy winter"

boo you, winter
A "lousy winter?" Well I guess Mr. Dave Cameron has a point. The Reds have lost Shin-Soo Choo and are on the verge of losing Bronson Arroyo without acquiring anyone to replace them. Now they do expect Billy Hamilton to step in, play center field, and bat lead off, but that's certainly no guarantee. They also plan for Tony Cingrani to step into the void left from Arroyo, but with his health concerns they could certainly use some depth. Otherwise, the Reds have only signed utility man Skip Schumaker and back up catcher Brayan Pena to replace Ryan Hanigan who was traded to the Rays.

That leaves the once-formidable Cincinnati Reds in quite a predicament, with no money to really make a significant move. There is the possibility of making an attempt to move on one of the trade rumors swirling around Homer Bailey or Brandon Phillips, but that seems unlikely. So what is a team to do?

Cameron, of ESPN, puts forth his ideas on how the Reds can "prevent the winter from being a waste" for Cincinnati. This is an Insider piece so unless you've got the clearance to get access to the article, you'll have to settle for the small glimpse I'm about to give you.

First, Cameron addresses the depth issue the Reds could be looking at in the starting rotation. Although the Cincinnati signed Chien Ming Wang to a minor league deal, it would definitely be wishful thinking to expect him to return to the success he had as a pitcher from roughly 2005-2008. Cameron says the Reds should sign another veteran major league quality starter such as Jerome Williams or Paul Maholm to help save Cingrani's arm for later in the year. If the Reds can't re-sign Bronson Arroyo, I've got no problem with dropping a few pennies on a veteran guy to round out the rotation. Expectations might not be high, but the Reds certainly need depth at the position.

Secondly, Cameron suggests that the Reds contact the Kansas City Royals and try to deal for one of their extra outfielders, specifically Justin Maxwell or Jarrod Dyson. He says this could help supplement or compliment Billy Hamilton in the outfield. Neither of those players is any good and is no more than an extra outfielder so I don't exactly see the point in trading for one of them. It wouldn't take much to acquire one though, so I don't think it would really hurt. In the end I'd say the move would be fairly pointless. The Reds could just re-sign Derrick Robinson if they wanted to make a move like that.

Lastly, and most importantly, Cameron says the Reds should sign Bailey to a long term deal, especially since they will be earning extra television revenue. He calls Bailey one of the best pitchers in the National League and says he could be in line for a Zack Greinke-like deal if he turns in another solid year in 2014. He's probably right there as another good year will price the Reds right out of the market for Bailey's services, if they aren't already. It seems like to me they are. I genuinely think Bailey likes Bryan Price and likes Cincinnati, but he also knows how much he is worth and how much he stands to earn as a free agent in 2015. So while this seems like a great and obvious idea, I don't know how plausible it actually is. Bailey wants to get paid, and knows he can. The Reds just don't have any money or at least claim they don't.

While these are certainly nice suggestions, I don't know that any of them would actually "salvage" the offseason, short of extending Bailey. That would be quite nice. The Reds really have quite the dilemma on their hands. Of course, with a new manager in place, they could magically find that chemistry they have been looking for and win the World Series I guess, but more than likely, odds are that fans will be grumbling all season about how Cincinnati's front office failed to improve its team.

What do you think the Reds should or can do before the offseason ends?

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Jimmi Adair said...

1) Get Mr. Redlegs a bat, glove, and a uniform...and perhaps some pine tar.

2) Give away free Frisch's Big Boy sandwiches and fries on Opening Day.

3) Have the iconic smokestacks in right field emit a cloud of real smoke to blur the vision of opposing outfielders while Reds are hitting.