Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Report: Reds will not sign Grady Sizemore, says Walt Jocketty

According the the twitter account of @RedlegsRadioRep, Walt Jocketty said that Grady Sizemore will not join the Reds. There was a growing feeling among fans and media outlets alike that the Reds and Sizemore would be able to come to terms, however it appears that the rumor is dead.

While the possibility of such a deal looked like the picturesque low-risk, high-reward kind of move, we will now never know if that was the case. There are not a whole lot of details as of now as to what changed causing the deal to die, but Will Carroll, otherwise known as @injuryexpert put out this tweet which gives a vague glimpse into what the cause might have been:

Oh well. I was always in the opinion that a deal with Sizemore would not have amounted to anything at all to be honest. It would have been interesting to see if he could make a comeback or not, but it doesn't hurt my feelings that he will not be doing that with the Reds as of now. Perhaps he can do this elsewhere, and best of luck to him.

There you have it. That's about how exciting the Reds offseason has been. It's been a bit deflating as a whole.

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