Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brandon Phillips snubbed by MLB Network, not listed among top 10 second basemen

If you happened to catch any programming on MLB Network on Monday, you may have seen the network unveil its list of top 10 second basemen in the game. If so, you may have noticed that Brandon Phillips wasn't included among the group. If not, let that sink in for a minute.

MLB Network used a statistical analysis system called "The Shredder" to justify their rankings. The system is designed to use an objective approach to breakdown each player. Because Phillips didn't post great numbers from a sabermetrics standpoint in 2014, he obviously took a hit in the computations.

Of course, we cannot rely solely on computer analysis when ranking players, which is why noted sabermetrician Bill James and former MLB second basemen Harold Reynolds chimed in with their own lists, too.

Surprisingly, James tabbed Phillips at No. 6 on his list, while Reynolds pegged BP even higher at No. 3 on his. The other human analyst, Brian Kenny, excluded Phillips from his top 10, but did say the 32-year-old was among his top 15.

These rankings represent a wide disparity in opinion, obviously. So, they should be taken with a healthy grain of salt. Nevertheless, they give us something to talk about as we await the start of spring training.

What do you think? Is Phillips still among the top 10 second basemen in Major League Baseball? Or have others passed the former 30-30 slugger up?

Via Cincinnati Enquirer

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