Monday, February 17, 2014

Homer Bailey confirms long-term extension with Reds is 'close'

Perhaps the rumors of Homer Bailey and the Reds nearing a long-term deal aren't so far-fetched after all?

On Monday, Bailey confirmed Sunday evening's report that a deal in the ballpark of six years and $100 million was in fact "close."

From C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“It feels like we’re really close, and that’s all I can say,” Bailey said. “This whole process has been a long, drawn-out deal, that’s just the way it goes. To say is this as confident as I’ve been? Yeah, I think so. … Hopefully we can get the small stuff worked out over the next couple of days. If not… I guess I have to go buy a suit.”

Bailey's remark about having to go buy a suit is in reference to potentially having to go to an arbitration hearing on Thursday. As it stands now, Bailey is without a contract for the 2014 season, and if the two sides can't work out a deal in the next few days, both will head to Florida to have an arbitrator hear the case.

The Reds are offering Bailey $8.7 million while Bailey filed for $11.6 million. If an aforementioned extension is really in the works, Bailey would obviously receive more than he asked for on an annual basis, and much more than Cincinnati originally offered for this season.

Bailey, owner of two no-hitters, is 49-45 with a 4.25 ERA in his seven-year MLB career.


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