Monday, February 10, 2014

Keith Law says Diamondbacks made mistake by signing Bronson Arroyo

Last week, Bronson Arroyo's name was finally crossed off the list of available free agent pitchers when the Arizona Diamondbacks signed the veteran to a two-year deal with a club option for a third.

It was a bittersweet signing for Reds fans, who were happy Arroyo finally inked a contract, but were sad that the contract wasn't with the Reds. All in all, it was a move Reds fans were happy to see.

The same cannot be said for ESPN Insider Keith Law, though. In his piece published on Monday, Law opines that Arizona made a big mistake signing Arroyo to such a "substantial" deal. Among other things, Law criticized Arroyo for being home run-prone, not effective against left-handed hitters, and generally boasting below-average stuff.

While each of these assessments can be argued, I think Law fails to realize the value of consistency and durability Arroyo possesses. Sure, the 37-year-old might land on the disabled list for the first time in his career with Arizona, or he might not be as effective as they would like, but I wouldn't bet against him. Arroyo has defied odds for years, and in my opinion, has proven to be an anomaly when it comes to measuring pitchers.

With that being said, I concede that Law may very well turn out to be right two years from now. If Arroyo struggles or suffers a long-term injury, it will be hard to justify a $23.5 million contract. But I think the odds are in Arroyo's favor to succeed rather than fail.

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