Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympic size hot stove notes

It is with a heavy heart I write this blog, the war in Afghanistan has hit this area. The grandson of a closefriend of mine was tragically killed this past Monday while serving his country in Afghanistan. P.F.C. Joshua Gray of Van Lear KY was on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan having been stationed there just last month. The twenty one year old hero was a satellite communications system operator/maintainer. The Army says his death was due to a non-combat incident, and has opened an investigation into the matter. Not intending any criticism towards our brave military, but exactly what is a “non-combat” incident?The mother and father of their only child, Joshua Gray, deserve an answer. I ask that you keep Mr. Gray’s family in your prayers.

More sad news, legendary Kentucky high school football coach Walter Brugh passed away Tuesday. Mr. Brughinterrupted his education, at Paintsville High School, to serve in the military during World War II. After the war, Mr.Brugh resumed his studies, graduating from Paintsville in 1947. After playing football at the Citadel, Mr. Brughreturned to Paintsville High first as an assistant coach, then taking over the reins of the Tigers in 1956 leading them for the next 39 seasons. If you grew up in Eastern Kentucky, like I did, there were three people you knew a lot about, Adolph Rupp, Cawood Ledford, and WalterBrugh.

Useless Trivia; for those of you lacking a proper sports education, Adolph Rupp was a former basketball coach at the University of Kentucky; while Cawood Ledford was the legendary “Voice of the Kentucky Wildcats” on radio.

I’m an unashamed Yankee hater, but I’d be remiss if I let the announcement of the forthcoming retirement of “The Captain” go without comment. Derek Jeter is the epitome of class, both on and off the field. His play is exemplary, the true definition of clutch. To say he’ll be missed is an understatement, and I’d sure hate to be the next shortstop of the Yankees, due to the microscope he would be under. I must say the Reds fan in me is glad he’s retiring because I thought Jeter had a decent shot of overtaking Pete Rose for the all-time hits leader. The baseball fan in me will hate to see him leave because Jeter played clean; you never heard a negative thing about him in the media, except from the broken hearts of his past girlfriends. September28th will be a sad day for baseball.

So you see, I can say nice things about the New York Yankees!

Speaking of the Yankees, I was in our local pharmacy the other day; did you know they still make Geritol?

A note to Bronson Arroyo, I hate to see you leave and thanks for all the great memories. I’ll never forget Arroyo hitting a home run in his first start as a Red on April 5, 2006 a third inning blast off Chicago Cubs starter GlendonRusch. Six days later, on his next start, Arroyo homered again at Wrigley Field. Guess who the Cubs pitcher was…..Glendon Rusch. I wish you continued success as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, except against Cincinnati, of course!

USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale wrote that the St.Louis Cardinals should just win the National League Central by default. The columnist wrote “the Cardinals might as well practice popping the bubbly in spring training; just to make sure nothing goes wrong in their real celebration.” Another Nightengale chirp, “No one is going to come close to stopping this runaway train in the National League Central.” Oh really. Here’s a quote from a Cardinal, former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green after a tough loss to the Chicago Bears, “if you’regonna crown them, then crown their a__“ (Biblical term for donkey). In my humble opinion, let’s go ahead and play the 2014 season just for the heck of it and see what happens.

Just how many Olympic figure skating events are there? UGH!

In my last blog I mentioned how I’d love to see a new Olympic event, Full Contact Figure Skating. Seems I’m not the only one, click here to check out Saturday, February 8th Blondie comic strip.

I guess two-time Olympic snowboard gold medalist Shawn White is human after all.

Have a blessed week. GO TEAM USA!!!!!

Dan Howard

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