Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ranking all 30 MLB teams based on Twitter followers


So, I was perusing around Twitter earlier today and couldn't help but notice how some MLB teams boast a stronger following on Twitter than others. For example, one might be inclined to think that a team's following on the social media site would be directly connected to the size of the team's market. Apparently, that isn't the case at all. How else can you explain that the Astros, who reside in the fourth-most populated city in America, have less than half the amount of followers than the Reds do, despite playing in Houston, a city whose population outnumbers Cincinnati by over six times ( I'm sure the recent stretch of losing for the 'Astros doesn't help.

There are more disparities than just this, of course. But instead of breaking them down for you one-by-one, I'll just present you with the rankings from No. 1 to No. 30, and let you see for yourself.

New York Yankees: 1,006,000
Philadelphia Phillies: 798,000
Boston Red Sox: 708,000
San Francisco Giants: 556,000
Los Angeles Dodgers: 443,000
Atlanta Braves: 442,000
St. Louis Cardinals: 413,000
Detroit Tigers: 376,000
Toronto Blue Jays: 372,000
Texas Rangers: 355,000
Chicago Cubs: 308,000
Cincinnati Reds: 266,000
New York Mets: 229,000
Pittsburgh Pirates: 211,000
Baltimore Orioles: 192,000
Minnesota Twins: 187,000
Cleveland Indians: 177,000
Chicago White Sox: 173,000
Milwaukee Brewers: 166,000
Washington Nationals: 159,000
Kansas City Royals: 158,000
Seattle Mariners: 158,000
Oakland Athletics: 155,000
Tampa Bay Rays: 151,000
Los Angeles Angels: 149,000
Houston Astros: 117,000
Arizona Diamondbacks: 115,000
Colorado Rockies: 115,000
Miami Marlins: 105,000
San Diego Padres: 103,000


+ Okay, so no real surprises at the top. The Yankees are by far the most successful and prominent franchise in MLB and perhaps of all professional sports. The big market Phillies, Red Sox, Giants, and Dodgers aren't too far behind.

+ The Padres, Marlins, Rockies, and D'backs have some work to do. Coincidentally, all four also reside in the National League.

+ How about the small market A's and Rays edging out the Angels in Hollywood? That's not too bad considering many have claimed Oakland can't support its team.

+ The Reds rank 12th among all MLB teams in the amount of Twitter followers. Despite being in the middle-of-the-pack, Reds fans have shown time and time again that they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Twitter contests and such. The Head & Shoulders #HatsOff contest from a couple years back as well as the #FaceofMLB victory with Joey Votto in 2013 serves as evidence.

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