Monday, February 3, 2014

Report: Bronson Arroyo still seeks three-year deal amid free agency strife

Despite voicing frustration over not being signed yet, Bronson Arroyo is not lowering his contract demands, as the right-handed free agent still seeks a three-year contract.

This is according to a report by Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. On Sunday, Cafardo wrote that the main hangup with Arroyo continues to hinge on the length of the contract. Arroyo seeks a third year or vesting option while Cafardo believes any straight two-year contract would get it done.
What’s holding things up, according to a major league source, is the vesting option and/or third year he’s been asking for. It appears a straight two-year deal might be beneficial in getting it done. 
The Arizona Diamondbacks are the most recent team reportedly interested in signing the 37-year-old. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins, and Los Angeles Dodgers have been linked to Arroyo as well.


Samuel Halter said...

Why can't the Reds resign this guy?

Jimmi Adair said...

Money. Or rather a lack thereof.