Thursday, February 27, 2014

Skip Schumaker: Brandon Phillips is the best second basemen in baseball

Skip Schumaker seems to be assimilating himself to the Reds locker room farely well after previously spending years with the rival Cardinals.

The 34-year-old was the spotlight of a recent feature article written by's Mark Sheldon. In the article, the versatile Schumaker discusses a variety of topics, but one of them turned to his role on the team. Although he has 456 career games under his belt at second base, he doesn't expect there to be much need for him there this year with Brandon Phillips patrolling the area.

"In my opinion, Brandon Phillips is the best second baseman in the big leagues," Schumaker said. "This guy can really play. He's a pain to play against. You never want to see him up. Every ball hit to the right side is going to be caught. You plan on him playing 150 games. I know my role. That's to be ready when the time is needed. … When guys get into trouble is when they don't know their role. They think they're someone they're not. I get it and I'm excited for it."

You have got to love that mental approach Schumaker has taken. It's not easy for a player to relegate himself to a reserve role. But Schumaker has apparently embraced it.

I think Reds fans are going to come to love Schumaker before too long.

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