Thursday, March 13, 2014

Billy Hamilton: I'll steal as many bases as it takes to win World Series

File:Billy Hamilton 2013.jpg

Billy Hamilton is totally prepared to do whatever it takes to help the Reds win the World Series. Take the following statement he recently told Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, for example:

In answer to how many bases he'd like to steal, Hamilton said, “I'll steal as many as we need to win the World Series. If it takes 100, I'll get 100.”

The crazy fact of the matter is it's completely realistic to think Hamilton can swipe over 100 bags this season. The only question remaining is can he hit enough to afford himself that many stolen base opportunities?

Consider this: Hamilton was clocked at 3.3 seconds on a sprint from home to first base on a drag bunt single during Monday's game against the Rangers. According to scouts, a time of 3.9 is considered superior speed for a left-handed hitter, thus making Hamilton's eye-popping time stuff of legend.

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