Friday, March 28, 2014

Brandon Phillips adds input for cool feature in 'MLB: The Show'


With four Gold Glove Awards to his credit, Brandon Phillips knows a thing or two about defense.

The flashy second basemen recently met up with a developer for the video game franchise known as MLB: The Show and added a defensive suggestion for future makings of the game.

“There needs to be a button to make bare-handed attempts,” says Phillips. “It should be called the ‘Showtime’ button or something like that, where you can not only pick up the ball barehanded, but you can attempt other trademark moves like flipping the ball between your legs or behind your back for a double play. Anything highlight-worthy would be on this button. It would be like baseball’s version of the freestyle button.”

Personally, I think this is a great idea. More importantly, so does the developer.

“A button to bare-hand the ball is a great idea,” developed Ramone Russell said. “Especially if it has a high risk/reward component. That way, you might do something amazing, but you also risk making a costly error. I’m putting it on the list for next year.”

Be on the lookout for that "Showtime" button in MLB 15: The Show.

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