Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brandon Phillips and Cincinnati media continue feud

It's hard not to notice the awkwardness that exists between Brandon Phillips and the beat reporters that follow the Reds on an everyday basis.

In some respects, this awkwardness has seemingly existed for several years, but it has become increasingly noticeable over the past two seasons or so. Especially when the Gold Glove second basemen entered spring training barring himself from speaking to the media. Or at least a select group of the Cincinnati media which consists of C. Trent Rosecrans, John Fay, and Mark Sheldon.

Despite his self-imposed ban, Phillips has shown a willingness to talk with other members of the media this spring (MLB Network, ESPN). Namely, Anthony Castrovince of, who recently pegged Phillips as the feature of his most recent column.

Here's what Phillips told Castrovince about the "media mute."

"I don't have nothing to say to those cats," Phillips said of the Cincinnati media. "They know what the deal is. They just talk about how I was falling off and declining. How the [expletive] am I declining? I had 100 ... ribbies [RBI] last year. And I did that with one ... hand. And I won a Gold Glove? So how the [expletive] am I declining? Come on, man."

It's true. Most of the ink I've seen written about Phillips by the local media has been negative lately. Among others, the media has raised questions about BP's age, on-base percentage, attitude, and general worthiness of his remaining contract. There is no denying that some of these concerns are valid. But might the media be harboring resentful feelings toward the polarizing second basemen?

It wouldn't be the craziest thought. After all, reporters are human just like the rest of us, vulnerable to getting their feelings hurt, holding a grudge, or channeling animosity just like any other human would. Do these factors come into play when doing their job? Absolutely. Only a fool would think otherwise. However, the extent to which Phillips' cold shoulder has bothered them remains an undocumented mystery. It's quite possible that they have some interesting chats behind closed doors about the controversial All-Star.

Although Rosecrans, Fay, and Sheldon aren't likely to be card-carrying members of the Brandon Phillips fan club, the 32-year-old certainly has plenty of loyal supporters in his corner.

"The thing is, man, I'm playing for the city of Cincinnati," he said. "I'm playing for the fans. People can think what they want. I know I've got fans, and they love me. I don't have 800,000-plus Twitter followers for no reason, and I don't have almost 300,000 Instragram followers for no reason. People know I'm real, and I keep it 100."

Keeping it real, indeed. Keeping it real interesting.

Let's hope this unofficial feud between the local media and BP blows over eventually. Because it's beginning to get quite tiresome to watch unfold.


Matt said...

Another national media member jumping on Brandon's junk. He is a good ball player but he is a whiny spoiled brat. "800,000 followers on twitter" support him! HA! Chad Ocho Cinco had the same thing. He is only out for himself. C. Trent gave actual stats, stats that don't lie and Phillips showed his true colors last year. Just shut up and play ball!

goob pyle said...

Dat-Goob-BP sucks.he can't hit the ball out of the infield.i won so many bets from my friends last year betting that exact same thing.i would give them 3 to 1 odds,
an I still cleaned up!!! he led the reds in most infield ground outs,an dp's hit into.AND HE REALLY DON'T CARE !! just ask him !

K Saggars said...

BP has been asked to do a lot for the reds. Hitting in different spots is not as easy as some may think. He is an outstanding player and defensively he is as good as it gets. Media needs to back off he is a team player end of statement...

Anonymous said...


goob pyle said...

well since he's that good would you 2 bloggers be interested in taking my bet !!!!

goob pyle said...

by the way.i accept paypal.