Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Study shows Cincinnati fans third-most rabid in country

It's a commonly held belief that Cincinnati Reds fans are among the most passionate, loyal, and generally rabid in Major League Baseball. A quick walk around the Queen City on game day will no less confirm this belief.

However, a recent study conducted by Xavier University professor Christian End, who studies the sociology behind sports fans, may add more bearing to this notion. All in all, the results of End's study concluded that Cincinnati ranks third in the country for "intense identification with their teams."

The manner in which this was determined is very intriguing because the study used obituaries to gain insight. You read that correctly. Obituaries.

End found that 19 percent of people in Cincinnati had some sort of reference to being a sports fan in their obituary. Only obituaries originating from Seattle (21%) and Atlanta (20%) featured more.

A big reason for this unrivaled fandom among Cincinnatians undoubtedly stems from the long and storied tradition of the Reds. As baseball's oldest professional franchise, coupled with featuring The Big Red Machine in the 1970s, there stands to be quite a few people who pledge their fan loyalty to the Reds.

This is not to take anything away from the Bengals, Bearcats, or Musketeers, but it's safe to assume the majority of sports fans in Cincinnati are fans of the Reds.

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