Sunday, March 2, 2014

Videos: MLB Network talks with Votto, Bruce, Bailey, Latos, Frazier, and Hamilton

A day removed from having the "Baseball Tonight" crew in town, the Reds welcomed another media source to Goodyear on Saturday in the likes of MLB Network. And the 24-hour baseball network produced no shortage of video content about the Reds during their short stay.

Seen in the first video above is rookie Billy Hamilton discussing his unrivaled speed, the challenges of playing center field, and much more.

In this video, MLB Network's Dan Plesac chats with Homer Bailey about his new contract, his two no-hitters, and what he's doing to prepare for a solid 2014 campaign.

In this video, right-hander Mat Latos discusses his recovery from minor knee surgery, when he may return to the mound, and what he expects from the Reds this year.

Seen here is team cornerstones Jay Bruce and Joey Votto providing their outlook on the upcoming season as well as how long it takes them to get up to full speed.

Lastly, here's Todd Frazier revealing how he prepares for the regular season, which includes the batting drills he does on the tee and more.

All in all, great stuff from MLB Network.

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