Monday, April 28, 2014

Bryan Price channels Twisted Sister in ejection over blown replay call


Bryan Price had every reason to be upset over a blown call that eventually led to his first ejection as a major league manager on Sunday.

The call in question came during the first inning of Cincinnati's 1-0 loss in 10 innings to Atlanta. With two outs, Johnny Cueto threw over to Joey Votto at first base in an attempt to pick off Braves runner B.J. Upton, who had reached base via walk. The initial call by first base umpire Greg Gibson was that Upton was safe. However, Price had a hunch the call might be incorrect and quickly put in a request to challenge the ruling.

Despite video evidence to the contrary, the umpire crew upheld the call on the field, which was enough to send Price onto the field of play to argue. By rule, any manager who argues a replay call is ejected, which was precisely what happened to Price in this situation.

As one might imagine, Price was still upset over the call when speaking to reporters after the game. The following is what Price had to say courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"In the end, we're not just going to bend over – the play was right there in front of us and he was out. I don't know how much ... we're not just going to take this," Price said.

"This isn't OK. When you've got something playing repeatedly on the screen that says the runner's out and they call him safe, I mean, as the Cincinnati Reds, we're not just going to sit here and say, 'Hey, that's OK. We're going to take it, chalk it up to whatever.'

"It seemed to me very apparent the runner was out and he wasn't called out. I didn't get it. And I think it was time to say, hey, we need to figure things out here."

At 51, and as a guy who likely grew up a fan of hair metal bands, we can assume Price's post-game remarks were consciously or subconsciously channeling Twister Sister's hit "We're Not Gonna Take It." So to sum it up, there's two very clear things about the play: 1) Upton was out and 2) Price was not happy about Upton being called safe.

The ironic thing about the new MLB replay system is that it still seems to be subject to human error. And the elimination of the human error element is exactly why advocates were pushing for it in the first place.

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