Saturday, April 19, 2014

Keith Olbermann calls Brandon Phillips 'world's worst person in sports'

Don't expect Keith Olbermann and Brandon Phillips to exchange Christmas cards this holiday season. Not after Olbermann ripped the Gold Glove second basemen on national television Friday night.

In case you missed it, Phillips was forced to leave Friday's game early due to back spasms and some may be led to believe that the injury was sparked by BP's playful and yet acrobatic photobomb beforehand.

Beginning around the 2:33 mark, Olbermann proceeds to lay into Phillips for wasting his energy on barehand flips and between the legs throws. Basically, he implies that Phillips does it all for show and most of it is completely unnecessary. Olbermann also alleges that Phillips' back ailment can be blamed on his aforementioned pre-game photobomb.

The whole segment seems entirely unfair and predictably flippant by Olbermann. Olbermann is a smart man, who has years of sports commentary experience, but this particular take on Phillips is not likely to win him any fans in the Cincinnati area.

Via ESPN 1530

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