Thursday, April 3, 2014

New company offers fans the chance to score undersold tickets

There's nothing quite like attending a Major League Baseball game. But the cost associated with seeing one in-person often prohibits those wanting to go from actually going.

Needless to say, the biggest expense often attached to witnessing a live MLB game are the tickets. Sure, seats in the outer and upper parts of the stadium aren't so expensive. But the mid-level and premium seats can certainly be.

One way to knock down the price of tickets is to buy in bulk (aka season tickets). Another option is to try your hand in getting a deal in the secondary market. For most people, this means asking a friend or navigating to StubHub. However, I would like to introduce you guys to a new option called ScoreBig.

What's unique about is it allows customers to pick their own price on seats from the floor to the rafters, always paying less than box office prices, and without being nickled and dimed by additional fees. ScoreBig offers more than just baseball tickets too. They also boast tickets for concerts, attractions, theater events, and virtually any live sporting event you can think of.

Let me give you some more insight based on my experience with ScoreBig. Basically, I was recently toying around with the idea of snagging two tickets for my better half and me to attend a Reds game this summer. However, as most of you aspire to do, I was looking to receive the best bang for my buck. That's what led me to ScoreBig.

On their website, you can search from a ton of different events. Naturally, I was interested in Reds games in this particular search. From there, I was able to scroll to the game I wanted to attend (Sat. July 12 vs PIT), and then literally make an offer for the tickets I wanted. The tickets were categorized based on their perceived quality. For example, the upper-most part of Great American Ball Park was labeled as a "1-Star Seating Area" and the best seats located behind home plate were labeled as a "5-Star Seating Area." The mid-level seats were ranked as either two, three, or four stars.

Once you find the game and seat area you want, ScoreBig will prompt you to enter the number of tickets you need and an offer per ticket. One feature I found to be pretty helpful was the "Offer Success Potential" bar located below the price offer box. It ranges from red to green depending on how likely it thinks your offer will accepted. If you put in a $1 offer for great seats, expect your odds of getting them to be low.

I've got to be honest, my first offer for another game (June 21 vs TOR) was declined, but it did give me an immediate counter offer to choose from for slightly more than I initially offered. However, I was determined to stay within my budget and that's what led me to the July 12 game. Note: You'll have to wait 24 hours to submit an offer for the seating area you want if your offer gets declined. This holds true only for the game you offered though. So you're allowed to submit an offer for the same seating area for a different game (as I did). Fortunately, my $50 offer for 4-Star seats was accepted this time around. My tickets were sent via email shortly thereafter.

I checked on StubHub and the cheapest ticket listed for the same section (117) I bought mine from was literally $19 more than what I paid for. Additionally, the cost per ticket in this same section for the game on the Reds' official website was listed for $15 more. So, it's safe to say I saved myself at least $30 by going through ScoreBig as opposed to somewhere else.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend giving a try when purchasing tickets for an upcoming event, regardless of whether it's for a Reds game or not. The allure of no fees and being able to pick your price is such a great concept for business.

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