Friday, June 13, 2014

An update on Carlos Marmol's absence

Earlier this week, the Reds placed troubled reliever Carlos Marmol on the restricted list for "leaving the team without permission." There wasn't much additional information provided on the unusual announcement other than that of the speculatory variety. But Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish may now have some more insight on Marmol's situation.

According to Cotillo, who spoke to Marmol's agent (Paul Kinzer) on Friday, the 31-year-old pitcher is simply taking a break away from baseball and Kinzer adds that he does not expect the Reds to release his client.

Marmol has only been with Cincinnati's organization for a few weeks after signing a minor league deal last month. He appeared in three games for Triple-A Louisville before deciding to step away.

Despite reports to the contrary, Kinzer adamantly insists that Marmol left the team on good terms and is doing so on the account of personal reasons.

"I saw a couple of articles that Marmol was AWOL. I notified the Reds prior to his departure and Carlos was going to speak to the manager [at Triple-A Louisville]. They were notified that he was leaving. There wasn't a problem with the Reds. It's a personal matter with Carlos. He felt that that he needed to step back and take a break."

"They were notified. It has been a frustrating year for him. There wasn't a problem with the Reds. Carlos is frustrated and needed some personal time. His expectations for himself are high and he feels like he can still pitch at a high level. He wasn't meeting his own expectations."

This could be stating the obvious, but it is unclear when and if Marmol will return to the Reds. If he can get his head right, Marmol could prove to be a viable bullpen piece for the Reds in the future, because the physical tools have always been there for the Dominican native. Of course, the odds that Marmol ever helps the Reds is looking rather slim at the moment.

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