Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An updated list of which draft picks the Reds have signed so far

The MLB First-Year Player Draft has come and gone for the Reds and the next step in the process is to get their draft picks signed to professional contracts. With 41 selections, this step is obviously easier said than done. And especially when you consider every team has an allotted budget to spend on its draft picks.

For 2014, the Reds have been assigned a draft pool limit of $6.9734 million. And the penalties for exceeding this benchmark are quite harsh. I'll touch a little on that in a moment, but first here's an updated list of Reds draft picks that have signed thus far (number in parenthesis represents round player was taken).

RHP Wyatt Strahan (3rd) (pictured above)
1B Brian O'Grady (8th)
RHP Brian Hunter (9th)
LHP Seth Varner (10th)
RF Jimmy Pickens (15th)
C Garrett Boulware (16th)
LHP Jacob Moody (17th)
RHP Conor Krauss (20th)
LHP Ty Sterner (23rd)
LHP Brennan Bernadino (26th)
RHP Jake Paulson (27th)
SS Josciel Veras (30th)

It's only a matter of time before the Reds are able to ink deals with RHP Nick Howard (Virginia), INF Alex Blandino (Stanford) and 3B Taylor Sparks (UC Irvine), which represent their top three picks. Part of the delay can probably be blamed on the fact that each has been playing deep into the postseason with their respective schools, with Sparks and Howard still playing.

For what it's worth, the Reds signed 25 of their 41 draft picks in 2013, including every one chosen in the first 13 rounds of the draft. Furthermore, the club only signed four players taken in rounds 24-40. Majority of the players they didn't end up signing went on to accept scholarships at the college level.

As promised, here are the penalties for exceeding draft bonus pools, courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors. The penalties go for all teams regardless of their budget.

All bonus money directed toward a player selected in the Top 10 rounds of the draft counts against a team's bonus pool, as does any bonus money that exceeds $100K to players selected in rounds 11 through 40 (for example, a $180K bonus to a team's 11th-round pick would result in $80K being removed from its draft pool). 
  • Exceed by 0 to 5 percent: 75 percent tax on the overage.
  • Exceed by 5 to 10 percent: 75 percent tax on the overage plus the loss of a first-round pick in the following year's draft.
  • Exceed by 10 to 15 percent: 100 percent tax on the overage plus the loss of a first- and second-round pick in the following year's draft.
  • Exceed by more than 15 percent: 100 percent tax on the overage plus the lost of a first-round pick in the following two drafts.
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7th round , Shane Mardirosian, 2b, signed over slot, 350,000, plus scholarship, Martin Luther King HS.