Thursday, June 12, 2014

Banned Dodgers fan lands behind bars after causing trouble at Reds game

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A rabid Los Angeles Dodgers fan found himself behind bars Wednesday after being charged with criminal trespass, burglary, and obstructing business during Tuesday's game at Great American Ball Park.

The man, West Virginia native Troy Sexton, was previously banned from Great American Ball Park due to an incident stemming from 2008. According to court documents obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Sexton's involvement in that 2008 incident caused so much commotion that it delayed the game. Sexton was subsequently charged with resisting arrest and disorderly contact. The resisting arrest charge was eventually dropped after Sexton agreed to plead guilty to the disorderly conduct charge. As a result, Sexton spent one night in jail and paid $341 in fines and court costs.

As of Wednesday, the 40-year-old was being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center with his bonds set at $40,000. Sexton is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday for a hearing involving the three charges stemming from Tuesday. These include two misdemeanors (obstructing business and criminal trespass) and a felony charge (burglary) that carries a maximum prison sentence of three years.

Apparently, Sexton is no stranger to odd and obsessive behavior. The man boasts numerous YouTube videos in which he professes his extremely strong loyalty to the Dodgers and former Dodgers pitcher Joe Beimel (now with the Seattle Mariners).

It goes without saying, but we can assume Great American Ball Park is a more pleasant place to be at now that Sexton is not around the venue.

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