Friday, June 27, 2014

Johnny Cueto earns spot on glorious 'MLB All-Great-Hair Team'

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

Any baseball fan who has watched Johnny Cueto pitch over the last few seasons has come to make at least two observations: 1) Cueto is a fantastic major league pitcher and 2) Cueto possesses an impressive mane of hair.

While we won't know whether Cueto earns the right to start the All-Star Game until a couple more weeks, the wait is over to see whether the Dominican native landed a spot on the glorious MLB All-Great-Hair Team, compiled by Ted Berg of USA TODAY's For the Win.

As fate would have it, the Cincinnati right-hander not only made the roster, but he also staked claim to the ace role among the list's starting pitchers.

Cueto’s wild braids belie his excellent control. The longtime ace of the All-Great-Hair team. Also leads the NL in ERA despite pitching half his games at Great American Ballpark. That has nothing to do with his hair though, unless batters find it distracting or something.

Other notable players who made the team include Chicago's Jeff Samardzija, Oakland's Josh Donaldson, Toronto's Jose Reyes, Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen, and Los Angeles' Mike Trout, which is a bit of a mystery considering Trout's clean-cut look. But who is honestly going to argue about Trout making any team? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Kudos to Cueto for balancing terrific hair style with exquisite pitching.

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