Friday, June 27, 2014

MLB Week 13 - Nothing Lasts Forever

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Seriously, did y’all really think Devin Mesoraco was going to hit at least one homer per game until the end of the season?

Mesoraco became the only player in modern major league history to hit, in consecutive games, a solo home run, a two run homer, a three run homer, and a grand slam. It looked like he was going to start another streak with his ninth inning solo home run in Tuesday’s loss.

Useless Trivia; Mesoraco became the sixth Cincinnati player to his at least one home run in five consecutive games. Here’s the list;

1) Ted Kluszewski – August 11 through 15, 1954 (6 home runs, 9 RBI)
2) George Crowe – August 8 through 14, 1957 (5 home runs, 7 RBI)
3) Johnny Bench – May 30 through June 3, 1972 (MVP Year, 7 homers, 13 RBI)
4) Ken Griffey Jr. – July 8 through 12, 2003 (5 home runs, 6 RBI)
5) Adam Dunn – May 14 through 19, 2008 (5 home runs, 10 RBI)
6) Devin Mesoraco – June 19 through 24, 2014 (5 home runs, 12 RBI)

As you can see, Mesoraco is in some good company.

For What it’s Worth Department; Ken Griffey Jr. (1993), Don Mattingly (1987), and Dale Long (1956) are tied for the record for consecutive games with a home run, eight.

The Optimist; Hey, the last time the Reds blew an eight run lead (5/20/2010 at Atlanta), they went on to win the N.L. Central!

The Pessimist; Yeah, but they gagged an eight run lead!

The Realist; Yeah, but they gagged an eight run lead!

Whoever was credited for the saying “The South will rise again” undoubtedly was a fan of the Southeastern Conference.

Congrats to Vanderbilt University, 2014 NCAA Baseball Champions.

Memo to the Southeastern Conference; couldn’t we go a year without any of your member schools winning something?

From May 30th to June 25th the Reds, Washington Nationals, and Oakland Athletics are tied for the most wins at 16.

Thursday night begins the only regular season trip our Reds will make to AT&T Park, a place that has been very kind to Cincinnati. Last season the Reds rolled the Giants, winning three of four and pasting San Francisco pitching for 55 hits, 22 extra base hits including 15 doubles. The number of doubles and extra base hits in the series were visiting team records at AT&T Park. The 55 hits were the most surrendered in one series by the Giants pitchers since the Los Angeles Dodgers collected 60 hits at old Candlestick Park July 1 – 4, 1977.

Friday night’s Reds/Giants clash looks to be a great pitching duel between our Johnny Cueto (7 – 5, ML leading 1.86 ERA) versus San Fran’s Madison Bumgarner (9 – 4, 2.63 ERA) which means only one thing; the game will end 14 – 13.

Sunday’s starting pitcher for the Giants is Tim Hudson, who began his career with the Athletics…. the Kansas City Athletics. It sure seems he’s been around that long.

Excuse me for saying, but isn’t there a rule in Major League Baseball that any three game series at Wrigley Field must have a minimum of two afternoon games? If not there should be!!!

With Wednesday’s 4 – 1 win at Wrigley, the Reds all time record versus the Chicago Cubs is 1038 wins 1037 losses. Reds are 434 – 444 at the “Friendly Confines”.

I think I’ll petition Major League Baseball to get all California games to start at 4pm Pacific time, I mean it’s not like anyone in California actually works, do they?

The day after Cincinnati’s meltdown last Friday was my wife’s family reunion. Needless to say Edwin Encarnacion was a hot topic of discussion until the conversation turned to me. My nephew asked if I’d like to have Encarnacion back with the Reds to which I replied an emphatic “NO!” Puzzled, he asked why. I told him that Encarnacion made the tough plays look easy, and the easy plays difficult, usually allowing two runs to score. Case in point, Encarnacion committed half of the Blue Jays four errors in last weekend’s series at Great American Ballpark. The trade which sent Encarnacion to Toronto for Scott Rolen paved the way for the Reds to appear in three of the last four postseasons, and win two division titles. How many playoff games has Encarnacion appeared in, zero (that’s naught, or nil for you readers in Canada).

More Useless Trivia; Canadians pronounce the letter Z as “zed”, and not “zee” as we Americans do, eh. Yeah, I’m running out of stuff to write aboot, uh, about, this week.

I probably should re-think taking a Canadian vacation anytime soon.

Have a blessed week. GO REDS!!!!!

Dan Howard

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