Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bud Selig: Pete Rose may be allowed to have role in 2015 All-Star Game

With the book closed on the 2014 All-Star Game, folks in Cincinnati are already gearing up for the next one in 2015, which will be played inside the cozy corridors of Great American Ball Park.

Of course, what would a Cincinnati Midsummer Classic be without the presence of baseball's all-time hit king and hometown hero, Pete Rose? Considering Rose's lifetime ban from baseball, which he agreed to in 1989, it would seem Major League Baseball would opt to exclude Rose from the festivities altogether. But that doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Commissioner Bud Selig all but left the door wide open for the Reds to include Rose in some manner during the 2015 All-Star Game. Check out what the commissioner had to say to the Baseball Writers' Association of America on Tuesday.

"That will be up to the Cincinnati club, and they know what they can do and can't do," Selig said. "It's sort of been subjective. But they've done some things with Pete, but they've been very, very thoughtful and limited. But that's a subject that I'm sure they'll discuss in the next year."

Generally speaking, Rose is not allowed to access any areas of major league stadiums that fans can't access too. However, Rose was allowed to participate in the All-Century team ceremony at Turner Field during the 1999 World Series, as well as the honoring of the Big Red Machine last season at Great American Ball Park.

Furthermore, next year's All-Star Game will be the first under Major League Baseball's new commissioner. Selig has plans to retire in January after first assuming office in July 1998.

In 1997, Rose applied for reinstatement to the sport, but Selig has refused to ever officially rule on Rose's application, pointing to Rose's lifetime ban instead.


Anonymous said...

Pete Rose should be in the Hall of fame. He eared his place when he was playing.

Anonymous said...

I don't think rose was taking PED when he played.ءeligible druggie are eligible for the hall,but he isn't? Give me a break!

Maggiemay02 said...

It is time for Pete Rose to take his place in baseball history and enter the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose earned his place there. If it was left up to the people I believe he would be there. When you think of Reds baseball you think of Pete Rose.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pete Rose's on field representation of the game was truly amazing--"charlie hustle" showed us all how the game was supposed to be played and was a joy for all to watch---everyone can use a break somewhere along the line, no doubt he should be given a break and placed in the Hall for his on field achievements----

tom s said...

pete rose should indeed be in the hall of fame. he was a pure player that didn't need drugs. he gambled but did not do anything that would jeopardize his team. he always bet to win, which ANY fan would do. it's a shame to baseball that he isn't allowed in the hall of fame as he should be..

Anonymous said...

It's time !