Friday, July 25, 2014

Jayson Stark: Reds will be buyers at trade deadline

Buy or sell? This is a question many Reds fans have been pondering as the non-waiver trade deadline approaches. Especially after watching their team lose six straight games out of the All-Star Break.

One man who may have the answer to this question is senior MLB writer Jayson Stark. On Friday, Stark held an interactive chat session with fans welcoming questions about anything and everything MLB related. And a couple of the questions posed by readers were about the Reds.

Let's take a look at the transcript, shall we?

Kevin (Texas)
Will the Reds be buyers or sellers? Any big names you see move from the Reds if they do sell?

Jayson Stark  (1:27 PM)
They're buying, last I heard. Even after losing six in a row, they're still alive in the division and the wild card. They'd prefer a guy they can control next year, too, though. So Marlon Byrd or someone like Ben Zobrist are both fits.

Jason (Cincinnati)
With the recent tailspin by the Reds, should they consider selling some guys while their value is high (Cueto and Chapman come to mind) in exchange for rebuilding a depleted farm system when it comes to bats? 

Jayson Stark  (1:54 PM)
They're not moving Cueto or Chapman. They're trying to win. They'd have to do a lot more losing in the next week to sell. And I see no scenario where they dramatically gut their team.

So there you have it. According to Stark, the Reds will be buyers here in the next week, presumably to pursue a much-needed bat to add to the lineup.

Of course, Stark could be wrong and Cincinnati might wind up standing pat or even selling. But he's one guy in the industry credible enough to believe the Reds will in fact be buying.

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