Thursday, July 24, 2014

MLB Week 17 - Somnambulism

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Transcript from a possible phone call Wednesday afternoon around 4pm local time in Milwaukee.

Operator: "9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

Caller: "I'd like to report a disturbance at Miler Park"

Operator: "What seems to be the problem"

Caller: "There's 25 men wearing Cincinnati Reds uniforms sleepwalking all over the place here."

Operator: "Have they damaged anything?"

Caller: "Only the egos of their fans."

Operator: "I'm sorry, we can't help you. Just be thankful you're not Cubs fans."

Who would have thought in just one short week our Reds would have given back the progress they made during the last six weeks leading up to the All-Star break?

In the last six games the Reds have only held leads twice, in the top of the fifth inning in Sunday and Wednesday games.

It's not like Cincinnati has been completely thrashed in each game of the losing streak. New York's Carlos Beltran has always been a Reds killer; the Three Stooges moment to lose Sunday was embarrassing, but stuff like that happens; Jonathan Lucroy, who literally couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat, finding his stroke to smash two homers on Tuesday night; and then strikeout machine Mark Reynolds clubbing two homers to down the Reds Wednesday. Funny game this baseball, isn't it?

Useless Trivia; the defending World Champion Cincinnati Reds returned from the 1991 All Star break by promptly losing eight straight games. In fact from being 44 - 34 on July 5, 1991, the Reds won just six of the next 23 games to fall out of contention in the National League West. Cincinnati finished the 1991 season in fifth place at 74 - 88, twenty games behind Atlanta.

Marlon Byrd to the Reds? Latest rumor is the Reds are not likely to pick up the $3 million he's owed for 2014.

It doesn't look like Philadelphia will deal Cliff Lee, but if they did, what a sweet addition he would be in the Reds rotation. Lee working with "Young Guns" Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, and Homer Bailey could go a long way in Cincinnati's future plans.

With the trade deadline a week away, I don't see Cincinnati being much of a factor, then again stranger things have happened.

For What it's Worth Department; prior to Sunday's loss at Yankee Stadium, the Reds were the only Major League team that had a winning record against the Pinstripers. The last time a Yankee team swept Cincinnati was during the 1939 World Series.

The Milwaukee Brewers last swept the Reds in a three game series was August 6 - 8, 2012.

I just realized something, the Reds haven't won a game since I've been on vacation. I go back to work Friday, July 25.

Have a blessed week. GO REDS!!!!

Dan Howard

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