Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reds awarded competitive balance pick for 2015 draft

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball handed out 12 extra picks for the 2015 MLB Amateur Draft via the Competitive Balance Lottery. As fate would have it, the Reds received one of them.

The good news is the Reds will receive the first competitive balance pick in Round B (which will take place in between the second and third rounds). The bad news is Cincinnati missed out on the chance to win a competitive balance selection in Round A (which will take place in between the first and second rounds).

Hey, it could be worse though. There were 13 teams in the selection pool eligible to receive one of the 12 picks and the team that got snubbed was the Rays. The Marlins, Rockies, Cardinals, Brewers, Padres and Indians were teams that received picks in Round A while the A's, Mariners, Twins, Orioles, and Diamondbacks joined the Reds with picks in Round B. Teams were eligible to receive an extra pick if they play in one of the 10 smallest markets or hold one of the 10 smallest revenue pools.

Another factor which makes these picks so interesting is the fact that each pick can be traded any time during the regular season right up until the day of the 2015 draft.


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