Sunday, July 13, 2014

Zack Cozart named best defensive shortstop in baseball for first half

As much grief as Zack Cozart gets for his lack of offensive production, the 28-year-old native of Memphis is probably the most sure-handed player on the Reds when it comes to defense.

Simply put, Cincinnati's starting shortstop just does not make many mistakes. He's been a human vacuum at the six hole in 2014 and people around baseball are finally beginning to take notice.

This is why ESPN Insider Scott Spratt recently tabbed Cozart as the best defensive shortstop in baseball for the first half. Cozart was included on a list that included fellow defensive wizards such as Oakland's Yoenis Cespedes, Atlanta's Jason Heyward and Boston's Dustin Pedroia, among others.

Here is what Spratt had to say about Cozart:

Cozart is the hottest fielder in the sport. He has saved 12 runs since the start of June, the most in baseball over that time frame. He has increased his overall Runs Saved total to 17, tied for second-most at any position. Where Pedroia stands out by making unexpected plays, Cozart excels by rarely making mistakes. He has just 10 Defensive Misplays/Errors (DMEs) in 757 innings, which is the lowest rate among middle infielders with a minimum of 400 innings this season.

Defense and pitching, folks. Defense and pitching.

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