Friday, July 18, 2014

ZiPS projections don't bode well for Johnny Cueto, Alfredo Simon in second half

By any account, Johnny Cueto and Alfredo Simon have had excellent seasons so far, which recently culminated into trips to the All-Star Game.

But at least one national baseball guy doesn't believe either pitcher can sustain their success for the remainder of the year. And that guy is ESPN Insider Dan Szymborski after tabbing both Cueto and Simon among players fantasy baseball owners should cut their losses while they're ahead.

Here is what Szymborski had to say about Cueto:

Cueto is a very good pitcher, but his early dominance this year was helped by a sub-.200 BABIP through the end of May, something no pitcher in history can hope to sustain. Cueto has remained a good pitcher since then, but not one worthy of his No. 3 ranking among pitchers on ESPN's Player Rater this year. ZiPS has Cueto as the No. 13 starting pitcher the rest of the way, a valued contributor but also one who has an unfavorable home park and an unimpressive team offense.

And here is what he had to say about Simon:

Twelve wins, the most in NL! A 2.70 ERA! An All-Star appearance! And a 4.34 FIP as a result of unimpressive peripheral numbers, most notably a K/9 rate below 6! In other words, there's only slightly more authenticity in Simon's numbers than in the laugh track of an '80s sitcom. ZiPS has Simon as the No. 45 starting pitcher the rest of the way, miles from his No. 13 standing so far. And ZiPS seems relatively optimistic, considering Simon ranks 80th in Tristan H. Cockcroft's updated rankings. You're not likely going to fool anyone into giving you an elite option for Simon, but you shouldn't expect that. You just need to find someone who likes him more than we do.

Brutal. Just brutal. Curse you ZiPS!

Photo Credit: The Bats Signal

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