Thursday, August 7, 2014

MLB Week 19 - A Cure for Lethargy

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer defines lethargy as “the quality or state of being drowsy and dull, listless and unenergetic, or indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inactivity.” In other words, the way the Reds played Monday night at Cleveland.

There comes a time in any manager’s life that his team will underperform and suffer a series of losses. It is during these times of duress that we’ll see what the manager is really made of. Monday night was a prime example of a manager finally seeing enough and doing something about it.

I do not know Bryan Price personally, but from what I’ve seen, he comes across as a humble, mild mannered, and patient person given the huge responsibility of managing a Major League baseball team, not just any team, but an up-and-coming team with a pitching staff that, in a few years, may be regarded as the best in baseball. Even the meekest person has a breaking point, and after Monday’s lack-luster performance, Price decided he’d seen enough.

There are many doctor prescribed along with over the counter medicines to help you recover from the effects of lethargy. Some claim that boosting your testosterone will add vitality to your life, other say losing weight will raise your energy level, but the sure fire way to clear the fog of lethargy out of your life is a good butt chewing from the boss.

Bryan Price not only threw his team under the bus, he drove the bus over them. With 21 runs and 33 hits in the past three games I believe his Reds got the message.

I mentioned last week how lethargic I’ve been in writing about the Reds constant losing since the All Star break, after winning six of the last eight games, the spark is coming back!

During first half my final season of organized baseball, 1982, I was mired in a horrific slump. With a .187 batting average, I couldn’t hit water if I fell from a boat. Now I know the amateur Senior Babe Ruth League I played in does not compare to the majors, but sitting on the bench is the same in any league. My coach, Harold Woodward, decided a few games sitting next to him might clear my head. It seemed like an eternity. Believe me, a few splinters in the rectum does wonders for the cranium. The last half of the ’82 season I batted a scorching .688 en-route to a league All Star appearance, getting scouted by three MLB teams, Detroit, Pittsburgh and the Yankees, along with an invitation to a Reds tryout camp in Owensboro KY. (Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to the sudden illness and subsequent death of my grandmother.) I said that to say this, I think that a few games sitting next to Matt Williams would do a lot of good for the Rectal Cranium Inversion that Washington Nationals diva/brat Bryce Harper is suffering from.

The Seattle Mariners are having a pretty good season under first year manager Lloyd McClendon.

Useless Trivia; the Seattle Mariners are one of just two Major League teams to never appear in the World Series. The Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals is the other.

Congrats to Fox Sports Ohio which recently won an Emmy Award for its Reds Live pre- and post-game show in the category of Best Sports Daily/Weekly Program. We Reds fans who regularly watch “Reds Live” know firsthand it’s one of the best shows in the business.

Congrats to the newly enshrined members of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame to be inducted on Saturday; Outfielders Ken Griffey Jr., and Dave Parker; second baseman Ron Oester; and 19th century first baseman Jake Beckley, who played for Cincinnati from1897 – 1903. (Despite the jokes about my middle age, I DID NOT see Jake Beckley play!)

More Useless Trivia; Jake Beckley has the third best career batting average in Reds history, .325. Cy Seymour leads the Reds with a .332 average, followed by Edd Roush at .331

I feel sorry for the blog writers of the Chicago Cubs. Every Spring Training they write about the high hopes they have of a world championship coming to the “Windy City”; and then the season begins….

Aren’t you glad the Reds picked up Brayan Pena this past off-season? Pena is batting .375 during his current eleven game hitting streak.

I’ve often mentioned that I believe Sam LeCure would make a great closer. Case in point; four times this season, LeCure has inherited the bases loaded and stranded all 12 runners. During his career, LeCure has inherited the bases loaded 18 times and stranded a whopping 52 of those 54 runners, in fact LeCure has held opponents to a .083 batting average (3 – 36) with the sacks jammed.

With three wins in the last four games versus Cleveland, the Reds all - time record against the Indians is 44 – 45.

It sure looks like things are getting better for our Reds!

Have a blessed week. GO REDS!!!

Dan Howard

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