Saturday, October 25, 2014

MLB Postseason – World Series Stuff

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Congratulations to the 2014 World Champions, Cincinnati Reds! The Reds rolled to the title by winning twelve of thirteen in the postseason including an impressive World Series sweep of the New York Yankees. So what if it was on my R.B.I.’14 game, a world championship is a world championship isn’t it? My twelve years old self bought it a couple of weeks ago.

I love that precocious twelve year old that resides inside me, my wife don’t care much for him though. I’ve often said I have five kids, my wife has six, including me.

Admit it, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a twelve year old child inside them.

Except for a moment when the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants exchanged heated words, the first two games of the World Series have been boring. Quite boring. Maybe the next three games at AT&T Park will bring the excitement back.

Earlier this week, ESPN ran a nice story on long time Giants fan Bryan Stow. For those who don’t remember, Stow was viciously and savagely attacked at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day 2011. Stow is currently living at home with his parents and has recently won an 18 million dollar lawsuit pertaining to his damages from that horrific attack. Stow’s short term memory and motor skills has been affected and Stow went on to say he wants to run again. Stow currently walks with the aid of a walker. The two cowardly bastards who beat him got four to eight years in prison. In my humble opinion, I despise the fact that I have to pay, through my taxes, to lodge these imbeciles during their federal “vacation”.

Useless Trivia; correct me if I’m wrong, from all the research I’ve done, I’ve only found one instance that a fight occurred in a World Series game. Game 7 of the 1934 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the “Gashouse Gang” St. Louis Cardinals. In the sixth inning, St. Louis leading 7 – 0, Cardinals outfielder Joe “Ducky” Medwick lashed a triple and slid hard into Tiger third baseman Marv Owen. Both wrestled briefly but when Medwick went to left field in the bottom of the sixth, Tiger fans began pelting him with debris. The protest was so strong that Commissioner Kennisaw Landis ordered Medwick out of the game for his own safety. The Cardinals won the game 11 – 0.

Debbie Houser, my cousin who doubles as my unofficial sister, tweeted me about how she watched a World Series game for the first time in years. I replied that World Series games are way more fun when our Cincinnati Reds are in it.

If you were born after 1990, you’ve never lived through a Cincinnati Reds world championship. They’re fun, the Reds won three titles in my first 27 years of life! I am emotionally linked to the teams I passionately cheer for, the Cincinnati Reds, Ohio State Buckeyes, Minnesota Vikings, Columbus Blue Jackets and Manchester City, and there is such a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they win their league championship, that euphoria keeps you smiling until the next season’s opening day. The only downer is that a championship offseason is a short one.

There was one exception, on October 21, 1976 the Reds beat the New York Yankees to sweep the World Series, minutes before George Foster squeezed the final out, my great-grandmother passed away. I was very happy the Reds won, but for obvious reasons I had to subdue my joy. I certainly made up for it fourteen years later!

Yeah, I know, my beloved Vikings have never won a Super Bowl. I really believe the Blue Jackets will win Lord Stanley’s Chalice before Minnesota wins the Lombardi Trophy.

If you were born after 1908, you’ve never lived through a Chicago Cubs world championship. (Just had to go there!)

For What it’s Worth Department; my youngest son, Ethan, born May 17, 2005, has only witnessed one Ohio State loss to Michigan in football, 2011. That’s an 8 – 1 record! I’m just sayin’.

Have a blessed week. GO BLUE JACKETS!!!

Dan Howard

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