Thursday, October 2, 2014

Playoff Prognostications & Other Stuff

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Some notes from a woefully homesick traveler.

I’ve been in Lexington, Kentucky all week for training on my new position with the United States Postal Service. This is the first time I’ve been in Horse Country since 1998 and, wow, has this village grown!

For What it’s Worth Department; the Doubletree Suites on Richmond Road is sweet! The warm chocolate chip cookie you get at check-in is good too!

By the way, does everybody in Lexington drive a Smart Car? I’ve never seen so many of those “cars” at one time.

Despite Cincinnati’s disappointing 2014 baseball season, it was great to see Johnny Cueto become the first Reds pitcher since Danny Jackson in 1988 to win 20 games.

Much like 1988, Cueto will lose the Cy Young Award to a Los Angeles Dodger.

Had the Dodgers Orel Hershiser not reeled off an MLB record 59 straight scoreless innings during the final month of the 1988 season, Danny Jackson, who had an identical 23 – 8 record, may have been Cincinnati’s first Cy Young Award winner.

The only way for Johnny Cueto to win this year’s Cy Young Award is to beat up Clayton Kershaw and steal it from him.

It’s a good bet that, barring injury, Cueto will record career strikeout #1000 on Opening Day 2015, Monday, April 6.

Speaking of next season, the schedule, for lack of a better word, sucks. The “Dreaded West Coast Road Trip” begins August 7th with three games at Arizona, three games at San Diego, and the obligatory four game series at Dodger Stadium. The Reds travel to San Francisco for a three game series on September 14 – 16.

As far I’m concerned, Devin Mesoraco is the Reds Most Valuable Player this year. In fact, I believe Mesoraco is the second coming of…….Bo Diaz! Did you really think I was going to say Johnny Bench?

Billy Hamilton appeared in 152 games this season, the most for a Reds rookie since the aforementioned Johnny Bench played in 154 games in 1968.

“Defense Wins Championships?" The Reds had the best defense in Major League Baseball this season.

Admit it, how many of you went to bed when the Oakland Athletics took a 7 – 3 going into the bottom of the eighth at Kansas City Tuesday night? I did.

Kind of an uneventful National League Wild Card game wasn’t it? Amazing how a grand slam can quieten a crowd. Was it me or did the crowd at P.N.C. Park seem a little subdued even before Brandon Crawford’s grand slam.

Six months ago I made my picks for the 2014 baseball season, I totally screwed up the American League, thanks Boston, but I only missed one National League team, the Reds. (Call me a homer!) With that in mind here are my updated predictions for the 2014 Postseason;


Baltimore Orioles over Detroit Tigers 3 games to 1

Los Angeles Angels over Kansas City Royals 3 games to 2


Los Angeles Dodgers over St. Louis Cardinals 3 games to 1

San Francisco Giants over Washington Nationals 3 games to 2 (Remember 2012?)


Los Angeles over Baltimore 4 games to 3


Los Angeles over San Francisco 4 games to 3 (Revenge for 1951 and 1962)


Los Angeles defeats Los Angeles 4 games to 3. You decide which one it is!

Have a blessed week.

Dan Howard

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