Monday, June 1, 2015

MLB Week 8 - Cynically Cynical

Photo Credit: Ken Blaze (USA TODAY)

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Editor’s note; this article is not politically correct, especially to Nationals fans.

Uh, what just happened this past weekend?

It just couldn’t be real, our Reds sweeping the vaunted, prate, gasconade, prima donna second coming of the 1927 New York Yankees (the second best team of all time behind the 1976 Reds), the diva Washington Nationals. Did that really happen?

I saw something this weekend I haven’t witnessed in a couple of years – SWAG! And, by golly, it was great fun to watch.

The offense had swag, the defense had swag, the starting pitching had swag, and the relievers, who at times this season made me miss Todd Coffey, pitched with swag.

Why there’s not a single player on our Reds roster who could even hold Bryce Harper’s jock, let alone think they could sweep such a baseball dynasty. Yeah, the 1990 Oakland A’s thought the same thing.

When Jay Bruce stole third in Sunday’s game, that wasn’t just swag that just took some serious onions.

I know after my rant last week some of you may think of me as a hypocrite, but I’m just glad to finally have some positive things to say about the Reds.

Hey Reds, why haven’t you played like that this season?

What was the aforementioned Harper thinking on Friday night when he got his diaper in a knot after getting hit by Tony Cingrani? Memo to Harper, there is 60 feet of uninterrupted space between home plate and the pitcher’s mound. If you wanted a piece of Cingrani, then GO GET HIM. Surely in all your greatness you could outrun Reds catcher Brayan Pena and go deliver a thrashing to that mean ol’ pitcher who dared to hit you. If not then quietly haul your (Biblical term for donkey) down to first base and mind your own business.

I really appreciate Joey Votto sticking up for his pitcher by getting into the grill of the “Anointed One”.

Maybe when Bryce Harper becomes as respected as Joey Votto, he’ll be allowed to walk on a three ball count.

To Harper’s defense, I think he was trying to fire up his team with his childish rant, however, what he may have done was awakened a sleeping Cincinnati offense.

The next time I get hit playing wiffle ball with my family and friends, I’ll be doing a Bryce Harper imitation as I take my base!

Of course I realize that momentum is only as good as the next games pitcher, let’s see what happens this week in Philadelphia and back home against San Diego.

75 Years Ago; June 3, 1940 - Paul Derringer wins his sixth game in ten decisions as his Cincinnati Reds defeat the Casey Stengel managed Boston Braves 3 – 2 at Crosley Field. Reds first baseman Frank McCormick and second baseman Lonny Frey collect two hits each. McCormick drove in two runs with a first inning double.

Useless Trivia, playing catcher in that June 1940 game for the Boston Braves was Al Lopez. Does that name sound familiar old time Reds fans? The same Al Lopez that his native Tampa, Florida named a baseball field in his honor. The same Al Lopez Field that our Cincinnati Reds held spring training from 1960 to 1987.

40 Years Ago; June 3, 1975 – Joe Morgan goes 3 for 4 with a double, triple and three RBI to lead Cincinnati past Pittsburgh 8 – 4 at Three Rivers Stadium. The win was significant because it allowed the Reds to move into a tie for first place in the National League West. On May 16 the Reds were 18 – 19, 5.5 games out of first. Over the next 18 days, Cincinnati would win 12 of the next 14 games to catch the Los Angeles Dodgers for the division lead.

25 Years Ago; June 3, 1990 – Tom Browning out pitches Los Angeles’ Fernando Valenzuela as the Reds 2 – 0 victory moves Cincinnati’s won/loss record to 33 – 12 along with a full ten game lead in the National League West.

Have a blessed week. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE REDS!!!!

Dan Howard

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