Monday, July 27, 2015


by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

It’s hard to focus on Reds baseball when they’re closer to last place than first. The defending National Champions Ohio State Buckeye begin their title defense in six weeks, so I apologize if my mind wanders a wee bit.

Speaking of football, final score Sunday, Broncos 17 Bengals 7. I thought the NFL Preseason started in two weeks.

It is with great sadness to see Johnny Cueto leave for Kansas City. I wish him all the best as a member of the Royals. Thank you for eight great seasons as a Cincinnati Red.

How huge is that Homer Bailey 106 million dollar contract is now?

With the rumored interest the Los Angeles Angels have in Jay Bruce my son is very hopeful that a Bruce for Mike Trout deal could get done by July 31. If I was GM I’d at least need the Angles to add Albert Pujols before I would close the deal. (Sarcasm intended)

For what it’s worth, on the amazing sliding catch and behind the back flip play Brandon Phillips made last Monday against the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati’s two time MVP Joe Morgan isn’t catching that ball. Then again, the Big Red Machine of Joe Morgan’s era would have been leading by about ten runs at the time.

The United States of the Offended – On Friday, July 24, ESPN fired their resident windbag Colin Cowherd for comments deemed offensive from remarks he made about baseball players from the Dominican Republic. Colin alluded to the poor economic and educational status of the Dominican Republic. Sometimes the truth hurts, the Dominican provides baseball with many of the world’s greatest players but what do those players do in return to assist their fellow countrymen? Average salary of a baseball player from the Dominican or elsewhere, 3.4 million dollars per year, average yearly salary of a Dominican worker, 5100 bucks (figures from Yes, I’ve read of the great works that Pedro Martinez is doing in his country, but he’s just one man. If it takes a village to raise a child, that same village should be responsible for giving the child the necessary tools to become a productive citizen.

I’ve never been a Colin fan, but I heard the comments he made, and yes, they were taken way out of context. Although Cowherd seems intelligent, intelligence is not a substitute for plain common sense, especially in this overly sensitive society. Colin admitted he should not have used an individual country, I agree, but what he may have done is opened the eyes of a problem that should have been addressed years ago. In an ever expanding Global economy, a quality education is vital. I’ve read reports of Dominican professors humiliating their students. Not an atmosphere conducive for learning, is it? There’s nothing like your professor calling you stupid, is there? Hey MLB, are you aware of this?

In an OP-ED piece for the Haitian Times, Unveil Magazine CEO/Publisher Georges Bossous, Jr. writes of the ethnic cleansing happening to Haitians residing in the Dominican Republic. This is not about the 30,000 Haitians slaughtered in 1937 during the “Parsley Massacre”. Mr. Bossous referred to the February lynching of a young Haitian, Henry Jean “Tulilie” Claude, at Ercilia Pepin Park in Santiago de los Cabelleros, the capital of the northern Dominican province of Santiago. Mr. Bossous also alludes to the fear Haitians have to deal with on a daily basis while living in the Dominican. And to think, Pedro Martinez mentioned Human Rights in response to Colin’s comments.

You say you never heard about this happening in the Dominican? I only found out about this while researching information for my humble weekly article. Human Rights is great as long as ALL humans have access to it.

While I get the fact that MLB should demand an apology from Colin, MLB needs to petition our government to investigate Human Rights violations currently ongoing in the Dominican.

Yes, the truth hurts. Biblically speaking, the Truth will set you free.

75 Years Ago; Tuesday July 30, 1940 – Reds defeat the New York Giants, 6 – 3, at the Polo Grounds to maintain an eight game lead in the National League. At 61 – 28 Reds tie a season high 33 games over .500.

40 Years Ago; Thursday July 31, 1975 – Reds roll past San Francisco Giants, 11 – 6, to up their already commanding N.L. West lead to 14.5 games.

25 Years Ago; Sunday July 29, 1990 – San Francisco Giants pitcher Scott Garrelts carried a no hitter two outs deep into the ninth inning until Paul O’Neill lined a single to left center. Giants send Reds to seventh straight loss, 4 – 0. Reds hold a 5.5 game lead in N.L. West.

Have a blessed week. Best wishes to Johnny Cueto, who just may get his first World Championship this year.

Dan Howard

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